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Hollywood is The Marriage Of Story And New Technology


In 1934, when “talkies” were first invented, Director Howard Hawks sat down with novelist William Faulkner in front of a new voice-recording machine and wrote two screenplays in one weekend.

Hawks read a bit of narrative action from a Faulkner short story into the voice recorder to set the scene — and then Faulkner performed all the dialogue which he had not included in his tight short stories. 

Faulkner spoke as all the characters in each scene. Soon, he was doing both – dictating the action lines and creating new dialogue, voicing the conversation in his mind’s eye. 

On Monday, a stenographer typed up all the audio tapes. Then those pages were reformatted by script assistants. From 1934 to 1954, William Faulkner worked on around 50 films. 

Director Howard Hawks (right) going over Faulkner’s dictated pages with Ridgely, Bogart, and Bacall. (1946)
Rod Serling doing a “Talking Draft” for The Twilight Zone (1959)

Ever since, many writers in Hollywood have used some version of this trick to crank out a fast first draft. 

Billy Wilder and Iz Diamond recorded their jokey banter, Rod Serling used the Talking Draft method when writing The Twilight Zone

For the stage, Harold Pinter and Arthur Miller used the Talking Draft method when doing a dialogue pass to capture the rhythms of natural speech.

A Talking Draft is all about flow and pace. Today a Talking Draft is possible in real-time.

This Is the 21st Century…

Only TalkingDraft frees you from needing clunky voice commands to switch characters in a dialog, or having to say “action” before you describe what you see.

We free you from any grammar, spelling, and formatting ever slowing you down. We get you from your outline to your first draft in one sitting.

Our speech-to-text technology, customized by-and-for screenwriters is Hollywood’s next secret weapon.

…An update of Golden Age Hollywood’s secret weapon.

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