Talking Draft

The Method

The Talking Draft Method is the fastest way for screenwriters and playwrights to create scenes – a writer records themselves performing the dialog and action lines, wordlessly notating who-says-what,  then the audio is transcribed, then the text is reformatted into a script.

We are the only way to do it automatically without clunky voice commands or tedious reformatting.

screenwriting dictation screenplay transcribe transcription dictate talking draft

Label who-says-what with the tap of 1 button AS you transcribe. 

Dialog without distractions. 

screenwriting dictation screenplay transcribe transcription dictate talking draft
If you can describe what you imagine, your first draft is done!

Why do a Talking Draft?

  • If you need a first draft fast
  • If you struggle to finish a first draft
  • To create distinct character voices in dialogue
  • To achieve a creative flow state

Who Uses The Method?

Some of the most prolific writers have used the Talking Draft Method to quickly produce first drafts & dialogue-heavy scenes… 

..but few can afford a full-time stenographer while they record themselves acting-out a scene. 


Today, speech-to-text technology gets us close, but playwrights and screenwriters still need our special customization…

screenwriting dictation screenplay transcribe transcription dictate talking draft
screenwriting dictation screenplay transcribe transcription dictate talking draft

Tap “0” before you transcribe an Action Line.
Keys 1-9 are for dictating your characters’ dialogue.

The Old Way Was Bad

  • Reformatting a block of transcribed text, manually noting who was supposed to say what is tedious and error prone.
  • Saying character names before dialog, or saying “action,” “tab,” or “period,” ruins the flow, kills the joy of storytelling directly to script. 

Our solution notes with the tap of a button who-says-what as you dictate the scene. Actions lines too! You can dictate a 90 minute movie in about 100 minutes.

Easy as 1-2-3

Common questions

Of all speech-to-script dictation only is specifically customized for screenwriters and playwrights. Only we free you from annoying voice commands to switch characters & switch to an action line. Only we offer a proper talking draft in one package. If your goal is to get a first draft done fast, or to improv dialogue so you have something to work with…we free you from any grammar and formatting ever slowing you down. 

Create your beatsheet and outline, then, as you dictate a scene, press & release the number buttons on your keyboard or screen to label who-says-what bit of dialog. The number 0 is an action line. Numbers 1-9 are the characters in your scene. Press & release and then describe what you imagine.

Our custom speech-to-text A.I. writes to a professionally formatted script file that you can import into any rewriting app such as Final Draft or Fade In.

Our script outliner is Free … and we give you enough free speech-to-text time for a spec script. If you need more time, a Feature length is around $5. In the future, we will offer plan for Pros who have tons of projects and are constantly cranking out scripts. You can RSVP for it.

Yes. We automatically detect the language you’re speaking for your action lines/stage directions, and dialogue. As long as it’s one of these: English, Spanish, Hindi, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Tamil, Swedish, Chinese, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Turkish, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Italian

A computer, and the internet. System Requirements: Desktop web browser with microphone enabled (Chrome 49+ | Edge 79+ | Safari 14+ | Firefox 65+)

Wherever you want. Our software outputs a specially formatted text file that you can import into your favorite screenwriting software which will automatically parse it as a script. There, you do your revisions. We work with Final Draft, FadeIn, WriterDuet, ScriptStudio, Highland, Trelby, ArcStudio, StudioBinder, Squibler, Storyist, ScriptStudio, Scenarist.

You keep the audio file, just like you keep the text file. If you want to listen along to it later, you can. 

Screenwriters and playwrights. Technically, this is the digital version of the Talking Draft Method invented by Director Howard Hawks. Think of it like an audio recorder on steroids – steroids that are engineered in a lab to hulk you into a super-prolific screenwriter whose agents are flabbergasted that you can go from a spitballed logline into a draft in one day.

We suggest you start with an outline. Our free outlining tool will help take you from your initial idea to a beat sheet to a step-outline for however many scenes make your story. Our interactive & responsive frameworks follow the guidepost structures taught by Aristotle, Blake Snyder, Chris Vogler, Drew Yanno, Frank Daniel, James V. Hart, Joseph Campbell, Peter Dunne, Robert Towne, and Syd Field.

Then when you’re ready to start adding specific scenes, name the character buttons according to who is in the scene. Then click “Transcribe” (record).

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