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Talking Draft



  • Free structure guideposts from top gurus.
  • Beatsheet calculator adjusts automatically 
  • File export is universally compatible.


Up to 140 mins of Speech-to-Text transcription time for free.

  • Act out dialogue naturally, NO distracting voice commands
  • Stay in the creative flow, up to 90%+ transcription accuracy.
  • External keyboard compatible.
  • Recycle character names for speed.
  • Formatted export of locations, transcribed dialogue & action.

Talking Draft


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  • $5 gets you 100 extra minutes. 
  • Add more time on a project-by-project basis whenever needed.


  • Earn 10 minutes free for every friend who uses your referral code. 
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  • Subscription-based pricing.
  • Built for film & theatre schools  
  • Production companies and studios with multiple writers on staff.
  • Downloadable in a desktop version.

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